Collection: Drug and Psychedelic Literature

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  • Realms of the Human Unconscious
  • Cannabis and Man : Psychological and Clinical Aspects and Patterns of Use
  • Marihuana Users and Drug Subcultures
  • Psychedelic Art
  • ETC. : Special Issue on the Psychedelic Experience
  • Approach with Cannabis
  • Stoned for Life with M.I.H. - Mentally Induced Highs : How Heads Can Ignite Powerful Psychedelic Trips - At Will - Without Drugs
  • In The Kingdom of Mescal : A Fairly Tale for Adults
  • The Peyote Dance
  • On Being Stoned : A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication
  • Street Pharmacologist [Broken Run of 20 Vols.]
  • Pot Art : Marijuana Reading Matter
  • LSD : The Age of Mind
  • LSD
  • Miserable Miracle
  • Light Through Darkness
  • The Varieties of the Psychedelic Experience
  • Mescal and Mechanisms of Hallucinations
  • Drugs in the Tenderloin
  • Explorations Number 2, June-July 1965 [Psychedelics Issue]
  • Poetic Vision and the Psychedelic Experience
  • The Latest Roundup : Philosophy and Stories
  • Artificial Paradise : On Hashish and Wine as Means of Expanding Individuality
  • The Turn On Book [Front Cover] : Synthesis and Extraction of Organic Psychedelics [Title Page]
  • Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Freebase Cocaine : The Greatest Thing Since Sex