Dividing Line Books is a New York-based bookselling firm offering rare and unusual materials in the fields of modern literature and counterculture, with developing specialties in artists' books, psychedelia and drug literature, and various other underground movements and avant-streams of the 20th & 21st centuries. We are always interested in acquiring new material in these and other areas, and warmly welcome inquiries of any nature.

Featured items

A Celebration of Rudy Burckhardt 1914-1999

A collection of remembrances of the Swiss-born photographer and filmmaker, with contributions from Ron Padgett, Anne Waldman, Kenneth Koch, and others.

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Arsenal : Surrealist Subversion, Nos. 1-4

Complete run in four volumes of this
journal collecting writings and art, both historical and contemporary, by members of the international Surrealist movement.

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God Wills the Negro

Inscribed first edition of Theodore P Ford's scarce work of revisionist Black history, which prefigures many of the themes explored by the later Black Arts and Afrofuturist movements.

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